Our Amazing Oceans: Ready to take the plunge?

Did you know that 95% of all life on earth lives in the oceans? If you didn’t, that’s okay! We actually know more about outer space than we do about our oceans, leaving lots of room for curious minds to explore and discover. Our Amazing Oceans is an ocean game and activity kit designed for curious learners of all ages - dip your toes into the varied world of life under the ocean through illustrations, jigsaw puzzle games and fact cards, or deep dive into marine conservation and all the fascinating knowledge that enables it!

Our Amazing Oceans - Activity Kit for Kids

The oceans that envelope our planet and the life forms they harbour are of unparalleled importance not just to humanity but to all life on earth. Conserving and sustainably using this invaluable resource is the UN Sustainable Development Goal(SDG) at the heart of Our Amazing Oceans.

What can a child gain from Our Amazing Oceans?

  • Hours of fun and learning, offline and online
Over a 1000 hours of research have gone into crafting a hybrid learning experience that combines offline activities that engage and stimulate curiosity in young minds through play with curated online resources to satisfy a child’s need to know more as they grow. 
  • Essential life skill development

Time spent together as a family(and away from screens!) is crucial to the development of children’s IQ, EQ, and social skills. The variety of activities possible with this kit makes for hours of quality family time. The design of the activities is geared to honing essential skills that children may not pick up in school, such as general knowledge, empathy, and problem solving.

  • Knowledge about all kinds of ocean creatures

This kit goes beyond the shallow waters of the ocean to explore its full depth, covering all its five zones. The ocean extends for thousands of metres below the realm of corals and reef fish into a vast, dark expanse that is at the forefront of scientific curiosity - something your child can discover too!

  • Understanding the ocean’s importance

The ocean dominates any view of the earth, but if you look closer you realise that it doesn’t just appear so, it is what defines our blue planet! All life on earth, whether under the ocean or not, depends on the various ecological phenomena that the oceans enable. Our Amazing Oceans aims to impart children with an understanding of one of our planet’s most precious assets, the oceans.

  • Environmental consciousness in action

The oceans and their bounty of life are as fascinating as they are vulnerable to change in the environment. Children can be empathetic and responsible, and with the right guidance, they can tap into the budding conservationist in them to extend their care to animals and the environment as well. This kit teaches children about the wonders of marine life and why it needs care and protection.

What's in Our Amazing Oceans and how to use it?

Our Amazing Oceans is a 4-in-1 activity kit that children can grow with, offering them various playful ways to engage with the topics of life under the ocean and sustainability. This kit contains:

1. Illustrated Book

A colourful and richly illustrated book offering an overview of our oceans with highly readable illustrations conveying the abundance and diversity of life under the ocean. This book also covers the important ecological and economic roles played by the ocean in sustaining humanity.


For children under 5 - go through the book together with them, using the illustrations to help explain when needed.

For children over 5 - allow them to go through the book independently, offering assistance when required. If possible, encourage older children to use the book to teach the younger kids!

Our Amazing Oceans - Illustrated Book

2. Activity Puzzle

A 96 piece jigsaw puzzle game designed to gamify learning about the ocean’s five zones and their inhabitants. The distinctive illustrations make for a rewarding and memorable learning experience.


For children under 5 - solve the puzzle together for a fun family activity, using the Curiosity Cards to answer the questions that are bound to arise.

For children over 5 - let them solve the puzzle by themselves or together with other kids, using the Curiosity Cards to find out more about the creatures in the puzzle. Offer assistance only if required.

3. Curiosity Cards

A set of illustrated cards with a profile and fun fact for every organism in the puzzle and stickers, including details such as lifespan, habitat, conservation status, and more. The cards also offer visual cues to indicate which oceanic habitat the organism belongs to.


For children under 5 - use the cards in conjunction with the book or puzzle to teach children about oceanic life.

For children above 5 - let them browse through the cards on their own or as they encounter the organisms in the activities. The cards can be a starting point for children to begin delving deeper into the mysteries of life under the ocean. They can also be used as flash cards for a guessing game or to test one’s knowledge.

4. Wonder Cards and Magic Glass

A set of illustrated cards with various interesting facts about the ocean and its exploration, as well as its importance to life on earth. Both sides of the card are packed with facts but one side is only revealed by looking through the Magic Glass!


For children under 5 - read the facts and solve the trivia together with help from the Magic Glass, offering explanations where needed.

For children above 5 - let them browse the Wonder Cards at their own pace, offering assistance when needed. The trivia on the cards can be used to play a quiz game as well. Check answers using the Magic Glass.


Our Amazing Oceans - Activity Kit for Kids

5. Sticker Sheet and Bookmark

A set of stickers and a bookmark to carry a reminder of your growing passion for the ocean and a great opportunity to get creative!

Tip: Younger kids can use the stickers to make a scrapbook and start chronicling their ocean exploration.

6. The Deep Dive (Online Resource Page)

The Deep Dive is an interactive page meant to sustain and satisfy the curiosity of children through curated online resources expanding upon the contents of Our Amazing Oceans. The resources on the page include 100+ hours of content, games, videos and activities in addition to links to active ocean conservation initiatives and ways to contribute.

Tip: Scroll down the interactive Deep Dive page together and click on the different organisms to learn more about them!

Are you ready to take the plunge? Our Amazing Oceans awaits your family with hours of memories to be made and learning to last a lifetime. Luma World games are shipped worldwide, so dive right into Our Amazing Oceans!

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