Can segregating trash be fun? You decide!

We’ve all heard that trash is a huge problem that keeps piling up. Let’s look at some numbers to understand how big a problem this poses to be!

  1. India generates 55 million tonnes of municipal waste annually, of which only 37% is treated, according to the Central Pollution Control Board.
  2. Estimates indicate that only 9% of the plastics produced are recycled, leaving nine billion tonnes in our landfills, oceans, and ecosystems.
  3. Each year around 92 million metric tons of textile waste is generated around the world.

If facts like these don’t scare you, it’s likely nothing will. However, if you believe that you can make a difference then you’re absolutely right. 🔆♻️

Small, seemingly insignificant actions by each of us can save our planet ✅


While there are a lot of people doing exemplary work and coming up with novel ideas to tackle our waste problem, we decided to take another approach. We asked who is educating and guiding the next generation to act responsibly? Because our need to protect the environment and respect nature isn't just for today, it is a pledge forever. Isn't it?

Hence, it is our mission to inform and inspire a new generation of responsible thinkers and innovators through play! 

We have used the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) as a template to create a whole ecosystem of play that includes physical and digital resources. We have games, puzzles, activities, flashcards and online resources with curated content and free downloads!

Curious to find our resource pages and SDG products? Visit our link tree 


As part of our engagement activities for our game Lord of the Bins and to get families to understand the importance of segregating waste we conduct a fun experience called City Cleanup!

Here kids team up (and adults too!) to simulate a beach cleanup by finding trash items in a small sandpit and then segregating them into the right bins. They score points for the trash they segregate correctly! They also find some hidden gems in the sand which gets them additional points. The image below is a quick instruction guide of the activity.

Last weekend, we conducted this activity at Nehru Science Centre to get kids to behave responsibly and learn more about segregating waste. Not only did the kids have fun but also learned a lot about waste. Nothing beats learning through play because the memories last forever!

Still unsure if the kids had fun and learned anything new? Check out the videos below and decide for yourself!


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