Buy Terra Loop and take your child on an educational adventure like never before. Enjoy with them as they traverse through various lands collecting a precious ancient currency. See them master operations with numbers and money right before your eyes!
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Buy Guess The Fence and introduce your child to an innovative learning experience. Enjoy with them as they apply their knowledge of geometry to make fences and protect their farms. See their creativity and imagination soar right before your eyes!
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Buy Galaxy Raiders and introduce your child to an entire learning multiverse. Enjoy with them as they set forth on a galactic conquest to capture planets and moons using their mathematical prowess. See them transform into problem-solving geniuses right before your eyes!
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Buy Alpha Steel and introduce your child to the new wave of learning. Enjoy with them as they use their robot’s special powers and maths concepts to vanquish other bots and lead the entire bot army. See them transform into strategic masterminds right before your eyes!
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The Future Of Learning Is All About Play!

Recent studies by eminent publications like the Lancet and Pediatrics (USA) clearly highlight the negative association between increased screen time and lower cognitive ability in children aged 8 to 12 years. According to additional studies, children whose parents are interested in academics perform nearly 30% better than their peers. The need for investing in your child's future is important now more than ever, and Luma world is here to make the journey pleasant and enriching!

With the advancement of technology, there is a renewed emphasis on determining future abilities. As artificial intelligence and machine learning make inroads into almost every industry, from banking to manufacturing, futurists expect that the necessary skills of the future will be those that truly define us as human beings. Interpersonal and life skills are, without a doubt, the last vestiges of human individuality in a professional environment rapidly being overrun by computer performance.

Educational toys and games have been shown to assist in a child's overall growth. They aid in the development of critical thinking, problem-solving, decision making, innovative thinking, and collaborative thinking, among other important life skills. Learning games for kids, on the other hand, are no longer limited to soft skills instruction but are now becoming an important part of a new wave of learning and education.

Play and discovery will soon be the chosen methods of learning instruction for schools around the world, according to the current National Education Policy. When children are taught in a fun and engaging way, they understand, recall, and apply information much more effectively. It's only possible because of play!

We at Luma World recognise the value of learning holistic and practical knowledge. As a result, we've developed educational games and activities that combine academic skills, life skills, and moral values. All of our educational games for children aged 7 and up are focused on improving the learning experience and creating multiple intelligences.Our educational toys and games are created to represent curriculum instruction for all academic boards and provide improved skills in all kinds of learners.

You can now introduce your child to the wonderful world of learning through play with Luma World! We want families to get closer and grow more interest in their children's education. Let us help form your child's future while also creating some unforgettable memories along the way!

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