Online Puzzle Hunt

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What is an Online Puzzle Hunt?

A puzzle hunt is like a treasure hunt but you must solve puzzles to find clues. What kind of puzzles, you ask? Think riddles, crosswords, sudukos and more. Get ready to tickle your brains!

Who can participate?

This is the best part - anyone and everyone! We recommend playing this as a fun, family Sunday event for best results :D

I've registered, what do I do next?

Come back here on Sunday! Just make sure to read the instructions carefully and till then, use the resources below to practice. It's a race against time!

What is the theme of the Puzzle on Sunday?

The event is called Beat The Pandemic where you will be playing the role of virologists finding a cure to end this pandemic! Sounds familiar? :P

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A brief history of vaccines

Practice Puzzles

A great scientist is on the cusp of an amazing discovery that will change the laws of science. But suddenly Dr. Ivanov goes missing. Was this a sinister plan by his enemies? Or did his experiment go horribly wrong?

As his bright, young protégé you're entrusted with finding him and solving this mystery. Answer a series of brain teasers and race the clock to win this exciting adventure!



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