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The Deep Dive
Discover the wonders of our oceans and the majestic creatures that live here!


Sunlight Zone

This zone is well lit by the sun! As a result this zone is warm and supports a variety of plant and animal life.

Image of a Trigger
Image of a Dugong
Image of a Seahorse
Image of a Butterflyfish
Image of a Hard Coral
Image of a Glitter Squid
Image of a Clownfish
Image of a Cuttlefish
Image of a Bluefin Tuna
Image of a American Lobster
Image of a Yellowfin Tuna
Image of a Common Dolphin
Image of a Orca
Image of a Beluga Whale
Image of a Atlantic Cod
Image of a Ocean Sunfish
Image of a Jellyfish
Image of a Spotted Eagle Ray
Image of a Blue Whale
Image of a Sea Turtle
Image of a Humpback Whale
Image of a Free Diver

This is the deepest Free Dive ever recorded. It was undertaken by Alexey Molchanov in the Bahamas on 18 July 2018.

Image of a King Penguin
Image of a Sea Lion
Image of a Narwhal
Image of a Whale Shark
Image of a Frilled Shark
Image of a Scuba Diver

This is the deepest Scuba Dive ever recorded. It was undertaken by Ahmed Gabr in Dahab in the Red Sea on 18/19 September 2014 after nearly a decade of preparation

Image of a Swordfish
This is the deepest recorded dive by an Emperor Penguin
Deepest Dive by an Emperor Penguin
Image of a Kitefin Shark
Image of a Japanese Spider Crab
Image of a Barreleye
Image of a Megamouth Shark
Image of a Giant Pacific Octopus
Image of a Jewel Squid
Burj khalifa
You have now crossed the height of the Burj Khalifa - the tallest building in the world!
Image of a Hatchetfish
Image of a Glass squid
Image of a Sperm Whale
The Midnight Zone

There is total darkness as no sunlight reaches here. However, some creatures produce their own light! Food is scarce so they can’t be picky eaters.

 Image of a Deep Sea Anglerfish
 Image of a Vampire Squid
 Image of a Viperfish
 Image of a Snipe Eel
 Image of a Phronima Sedentaria
 Image of a Blobfish
 Image of a Goblin Shark
 Image of a Firework Jelly
 Image of a Deep Sea Dragonfish
Deepest Dive by an Elephant Seal
This is the deepest dive recorded by an Elephant Seal!
 Image of a Gulper Eel
Image of a Squidworm
 Image of a Bigfin Squid
 Image of a Black Swallower
 Cuvier_s Beaked Whale
The Deepest Dive by any mammal! Recorded by Cuvier’s beaked whales (Ziphius cavirostris) who are adapted to conserve oxygen and survive extreme pressure in the deep sea.
The Twilight Zone

As sunlight starts to fade, the deep sea begins. Only some animals with special features and adaptations are found here.

The Abyssal Zone
It is freezing down here and the pressure is also extreme. Just imagine the pressure on a single postage stamp if an elephant was balancing on it! Yet, life exists even in these conditions!
 Image of a Giant Squid
Mount Fuji
You have now crossed the height of Mount Fuji!
Depth of Titanic
This is the depth at which the Titanic rests. It sank about 690 kilometres south east of Newfoundland, an island which is a part of Canada.
 Image of a Abyssal Grenadier
 Image of a Sea Cucumber
Mount Kilimanjaro
You have now crossed the height of Mount Kilimanjaro! The highest peak in Africa!
 Image of a Starfish
The Hadal Zone
We know very little of this zone as it is deep and difficult to explore. Discover deep water trenches (steep valleys) with high pressure equal to the weight of 47 Jumbo Jets!
Image of a Giant Tube Worm
Mount Aconcagua
You have crossed the height of Mount Aconcagua. This is the highest peak in the world outside of the Himalayas!
Deepest Shipwreck discovered
The deepest shipwreck discovered so far lies here. The shipwreck is of USS Samuel B Roberts, discovered off the coast of Philippines in the South China Sea. The ship was sunk in 1944 during the second world war.
Image of a Mariana Snailfish
Image of a Cusk Eel
Mount Everest
You have now crossed the height of Mount Everest!
Image of a Amphipod
The Challenger Deep
This is the deepest point in the ocean called the 'Challenger Deep' found in Mariana Trench. The Mariana trench is found in the pacific ocean off the coast of Guam. Film director James Cameron reached Challenger Deep in a submersible called Deep Sea Challenger. He achieved this feat on 26th March 2012. ocean.
Submarine Trieste

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The ocean bottom
The Deep Sea
Discover the wonders of our oceans and the majestic creatures that live here!
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