Lord of the Bins: Environmental education begins at home!

In a world overrun by garbage, you find that humanity’s only hope is to recycle its way back to a healthy planet. As a Lord of the Bins you learn the crucial task of turning trash into treasure by collecting, segregating, and disposing of garbage to build a sustainable world! 

Lord of the Bins is a competitive strategy card game that teaches the entire family what they can do to save our environment from a trash apocalypse. Do you have what it takes to be the Lord of the Bins? 

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We don’t yet live in a trash apocalypse but we definitely need to do our best to prevent one from stinking up our future. Objects discarded as trash continue to flood the landscape and choke our environment because only about 13% of it ever gets recycled. What can you do about this? 

Start small, at home! 
Waste management as a society is only going to be possible when it happens in every household. A household that adopts a green lifestyle and practises waste segregation produces 4.5 pounds less waste per person everyday! 

Educate, Engage & Expand!
Educating yourself and the people around you - family, friends, and peers - is the key to societal shift towards a green lifestyle. Games can play a very helpful role in this process, especially when educating kids about sensitive topics such as climate change and the environment. 

To learn more about how to teach kids about the environment, read our blog on 6 Steps to raise environmentally conscious kids. 

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Games not only offer an opportunity to bond as a family but are also a playful, memorable way to learn about topics that aren’t taught in schools, such as the circular economy. Moreover, what better way to pick up essential future skills such as sustainable living and waste segregation than through a family game night!

However, when it comes to environmental awareness and sustainability, just learning and practising isn’t enough. It is crucial that you spread this knowledge with your near and dear ones because, collectively, our impact is so much more! We’re in this together, remember!

What’s in Lord of the Bins?
Lord of the Bins is a strategy card game designed to educate players of all ages about waste management and green lifestyles. The game is a fun way to delve into the modern challenges of garbage disposal and pick up skills to make the fixes we need for a green future. In addition to a detailed game manual, this set contains:

  • Trash Cards
  • We throw away so much trash everyday but do we, even for a moment, pause and think where does all of this go? Well, now you must!

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    There are 60 trash cards representing the nauseating assortment of trash the average household produces. From newspapers and tea bags to nail polish and batteries, these cards cover it all! Each trash card carries a number from 1-9 denoting the difficulty in recycling that piece of trash once it’s correctly disposed of. 

    Watch out for the 8 trump trash cards that can bend the rules of the game - these cards can be disposed into any bin and can give you the strategic edge to win!

  • Trash Bin Cards
  • The 4 trash bin cards are meant for players to segregate their trash cards into. Knowing your dry waste from your wet waste and your e-waste from your hazardous waste is the best winning strategy, in-game and in real life! 

  • Trash Table and Raccoon Hat
  • Don’t know which trash goes where? The trash table is here to help you - the table lists out all the trash cards under each trash bin. Players who don’t segregate their trash cards correctly can be challenged by referring to the trash table. The loser of the challenge will find themselves wearing the raccoon hat included with the game; but be careful, a misinformed challenge can backfire on you!

    Tip: Use the trash table as a handy reference while segregating trash at home.

  • Trash Gems
  • Trash gems are the reward for players willing to dispose of the trash cards that others are avoiding. While collecting trash gems alone won’t win you a game, spending them to perform gem actions can help turn the tables on a losing game - use them to sharpen your strategic and critical thinking.

  • Let’s Talk Trash: Illustrated Book and Online Resources
  • Let’s Talk Trash is a highly readable, illustrated book that takes you deeper into the circular economy and the modern reality of waste management. The book gives insight into the kinds of waste we produce and the best ways in which they can be handled. Aside from illustrating the bleakness of our current situation, the book also shows you what the future could look like if we took action now. Moreover, you can learn about what it’ll take for you to protect the environment and realise a sustainable future.

    You can scan the QR code on the book to access 1000+ hours of online resources regarding waste management as well as ways to connect with partner organisations and networking events to jump right into environmental action!

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    Who should play Lord of the Bins?
    Lord of the Bins is a game about the all too familiar necessity of waste management that can be played by anyone and easily carried along for play, anywhere! You can play this game at home with family, as an activity at school, or even as an icebreaker and conversation starter at social gatherings. After all, environmental action is most effective when taken as a community. 

    Tip: For a quick game, see who can sort the maximum number of trash cards within a set time!

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    While it’s true that waste management is a universal concern, how much one wants to delve into it is up to them. Lord of the Bins has something on offer for everybody:

    • The casual player - someone who’s looking to spend quality time playing with loved ones can enjoy hours of fun and strategy. Bonus: knowledge about a universally relatable topic as a conversation starter!
    • The budding environmentalist - someone who’s enjoyed the game and wants to practise what they’ve learnt will find actionable advice in the Let’s Talk Trash book and online resources to put their concern for the environment into action.
    • The passionate environmentalist - a champion of environmental protection looking for tools and support to engage and educate communities about sustainable practices. This set provides an accessible tool for engagement and education through play while also offering access to resources, networking events, and organisations dedicated to environmental protection.

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    There’s so much to be done about our planet’s trash problems, there’s no time to waste! Find out how you can make a difference, become a Lord of the Bins!

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