Our Amazing Oceans: A 4-in-1 Activity Kit

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Let's go on an incredible journey into the ocean, unravel mysteries of the blue waters and make some new aquatic friends! This activity kit has everything you need to know about the oceans and its conservation. Ready to take the plunge?  
₹ 999.00

Age: 5+ Years  |  Duration: 15 to 45 minutes  |  No. of Players: 1 to many

Why is the ocean blue? How deep is the ocean? Are there plants in the ocean? What creatures lurk in the deep sea?
Imagine how cool it would be to know it all! ... Now you can!

Ready for a Deep Dive into a Magical World? 

Our Amazing Oceans is a 4-in-1 activity kit designed to take you on an exciting underwater adventure where you will learn about our incredible oceans, discover different kinds of fascinating creatures and gain secret access to some amazing trivia.

So get ready to explore the depths through a fun learning experience that will make you go WOW! 

This is the ideal activity kit for your young, budding marine enthusiast and nature lover!

What’s Inside?

 Illustrated Book: Why are oceans important? Get knowledge that goes beyond the curriculum!
 Activity Puzzle: What lives in the ocean? Recreate the zones and explore all kinds of life!
 Curiosity Cards: Fascinating info about your favourite ocean animals!
 Wonder Cards: Cool facts and trivia about our amazing oceans!
 Magic Glass TM: Use it to find the hidden answers on the Wonder Cards
 Bookmark: Take the ocean along on all your adventures!

 Sticker Sheet: Become the ultimate seafarer with these trendy stickables!
 The Deep Dive (Online Resources Page): Exclusive access to 100+ hours of FREE content, games, activities, downloads and much more!

      Use this activity kit to help your child learn about our Blue Planet using books, puzzles, fact cards, trivia and lots of other fun activities including games, videos, stories, art, craft and downloads!

      Think your kid knows everything about the ocean? Our educators and designers have spent over 1000 hours researching and illustrating this unique kit. We go beyond standard formats and add WOW to learning!

      Understand the importance of oceans and how our actions affect marine life. Learn how you can help starting at home and why we need to adopt a greener lifestyle today! Get your kids to start young!

      Get the best of online and offline learning using this kit. We balance your kid’s screen time with engaging physical activities but also provide curated online resources for worry free, purposeful digital learning!

      Tested and passed for American, European and Indian Standards. Sustainably manufactured using child-safe materials only. All our content is age appropriate and designed for all kinds of learners.

    Where to begin?

    This kit has been designed for you to start anywhere! So, explore it the way you like! However, if you’re not sure where to begin then you could follow our suggested guide:

    Step 1: Read the Illustrated Book and start your epic adventure!
    Step 2: Do the Activity Puzzle by using the Ocean Graphic as a reference!
    Step 3: Check out the Curiosity Cards for each creature in the puzzle!
    Step 4: Use the Wonder Cards and Magic GlassTM to unravel mysteries!
    Step 5: Keep learning by visiting The Deep Dive online resources page!

    Grow With The Game

    This kit is designed for kids to learn and discover with little or no assistance. However, depending on your kid's age and ability, this is our recommended guide:

    5 years or younger: Help them read, create the puzzles and solve trivia! Let them create a scrapbook by sticking the ocean creatures and writing their names!
    6 to 8 years: Let them read, do and solve all activities by themselves but assist them when asked! 
    9 years and up: They’re pros! Let them lead the way!

    Life Skills:

    • Sustainable Development Goals
    • Ocean Conservation
    • Environmental Science
    • Circular Economy Approach
    • Problem Solving
    • Critical Thinking
    • Pattern Recognition

    Moral Values: 

    • Empathy
    • Respect for the Environment
    • Care for our Planet

        Why Everyone Loves Luma

        My wife and I find it really tough to get our children off the iPad or phone. We even had to impose strict rules like no tech on the dinner table. With LUMA, our kids not only enjoy every bit of playtime but also help each other with strategies and ideas. It's great to see everyone in the family getting involved and communicating. As my wife says, truly a wonder in the 21st century!

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        Neeli Raheja

        Mother of an 8 year old

        As a parent of a special needs child, finding resources that engage him or even tend to his learning pace and choices is very tough. I also find it very tough to interact and provide remedy simply because I don't know where to begin or what is going wrong. The LUMA box helps me work with him at every step of the way to ensure he understands maths and doesn't fear it. Apart from that I find that his communication and creativity are at a new high too. I highly recommend!

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        Smita Sinha

        Mother of an 8 year old

        Initially I was not sure if learning can actually happen through playing games. We never had such products when we were young. Luma changed my perception and made me believe that it's important to try various mediums for my child to learn. Ranvir not only became faster in his calculations but also could accurately solve the sums mentally. I enjoyed playing the game too with my child. Ranvir never liked math before, but after trying the Luma box his interest totally changed. I'm really looking forward for new games and boxes for my kid.

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        Sunil D’souza

        Father of an 8 year old

        I really liked the Luma concept very much. Samir, my younger son and me played Guess the Fence game many times, and just did not want to stop. He learned about 2D shapes and its properties really quickly through the game, books and flashcards. My son loved the magic lens and it really made solving word problems on the flashcards really fun. As a whole, It’s a great way of learning.

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        Rajesh D’souza

        Father of an 8 year old
        Our Amazing Oceans: A 4-in-1 Activity Kit
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