Participate in India Science Festival’s fun online puzzle and win exciting prizes!

Like the last 2 years, India Science Festival 2022 is taking place from the 8th to 23rd of January this year. India Science Festival is a flagship event under the science communication vertical of the Foundation for Advancing Science and Technology (FAST-India). FAST-India has been conceptualized as a non-profit institution of excellence dedicated to new scientific knowledge. ISF as an event endeavors to serve as a platform for deeper engagement between scientists, researchers, professionals, entrepreneurs and students.

India Science Fest 2022

We at Luma World are proud Knowledge partners at the event and as a part of the various activities going on at the event; we are hosting an online puzzle that everyone from a family can participate in for a fun-filled activity.

Luma World is Knowledge Partner at India Science Fest 2022


‘Beat the Pandemic’ online Puzzle at ISF by Luma World

We at Luma World are committed to make learning fun, life-long and memorable through STEM based board games. Our commitment to activity based learning and STEM based board games led us to become Knowledge Partners at the ISF event.

Our games are designed in such a way so as to create curiosity and interest in the STEM subjects. Many parents often tell us how their kids have developed interest in Math post playing Luma World games and how they insist on playing our games as a preparation for their math exams.

Luma is a STEM Accredited Company

With increasing COVID cases forcing people indoors, it is important that kids don’t miss out on developing social skills which they would normally do playing and interacting with their peers. Our games are a great tool to develop not only social skills but also motor skills, communication skills, creative thinking skills, decision making skills and much more. What more? All our games are designed in a way so that the entire family can come together and play them.

Also as everyone is forced to stay indoors, there is an increased chance of families spending more time on the screens which can breakdown communication between the family members and have a host of other negative effects. Our games are a great way for the entire family to come together and have a fun time.

Family enjoying a Luma World Game

Here are a few things you must know about the puzzle.

Who can participate?

Everyone in the family can participate. Actually the puzzle is best enjoyed as a family activity with all the members of the family. You can also make a plan with your friends and have some fun together while solving the puzzle.

When would the puzzle start?

The puzzle would be held on 23rd January. You would have to drop by on the registration link on Sunday for further instructions. Until then, you can practice with the resources provided on the registration link. Make sure to be ready with your family with a pen and paper for rough work.

How to participate?

Go on to the below link and register yourself. Please note that registering yourself is important to be eligible for the prizes.

Register for ISF Puzzle Hunt

How much time would it take to finish the puzzle?

It is a time bound puzzle and the time limit to submit your answers is 1 hour. We will post all the answers at the end of the event. Please keep in mind to keep a track of time while you play the puzzle.

What is the format of the puzzle?

The puzzle consists of 5 different stages each stage represented by a PDF. You have to open each PDF in sequence and answer all the questions. The answer of one PDF is the password to open the next PDF.

If the password has alphabets, always use lower case letters. If the password has more than 1 word, write them without any spaces.

What are the prizes to be won?

The first 3 participants to send us the correct final answer on WhatsApp (+91 91670 04056) or email ( will win a board game from Luma World. The next 3 participants to send in the final correct answer would get the Mystic Arts card game and then, few lucky participants after that would get Fracto card game and Flascards.


Puzzle Time

All participants who complete the puzzle and send us the right answers will get a Luma certificate.

We will make a special mention on all our social media pages. Make sure you send us a fun selfie with your family.

Wishing you all the best and see you on the Puzzle day!


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