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The kids of today learn from almost all aspects of life. Armed with access to almost infinite knowledge and information via the internet, their ability to learn and grow is almost endless. Along with their ability to acquire knowledge, there has been a paradigm shift in the way knowledge is being delivered. Teachers and parents play a vital role in educating young children and inculcating lifelong learning habits. After all, self-learning must be complemented by guidance and mentorship for it to have any benefit to the learner.

Children playing a board game

Online schooling has helped students adapt to new methods of teaching, and this has caused teachers to come up with novel methods to teach children. It is pretty challenging for teachers to control students online but using games, activities and real-world examples help engage learners in an efficient manner.

Games are a great tool that help children during the learning process. Games come in different types, some of which include video games, board games, party games, sports, and many others. The creation of educational games has allowed students to enjoy learning in a non-traditional manner but providing excellent conceptual understanding and retention. Learning can become fun, entertaining, engaging and dynamic while being educational and helping the development of different kinds of skills.

Children playing a board game

1. Monopoly: Monopoly is a fun business-oriented game. Although it has its roots in business, students who play monopoly can learn how to count when moving their game pieces, and get familiarised with handling money for the different transactions throughout the game.

The game can carry on for a long period of time or can even be tweaked to suit the level and ability of children of different ages. From our experience, the game can also be stopped when any player begins to collect too much money from others! Jokes apart, this game gives kids the opportunity to learn about basic math skills like addition, subtraction and multiplication in a fun and effective way.

Board Game

2. Guess Who? This is a fun and engaging board game that helps students learn and develop their language skills. It requires participants in the game to ask different questions in order to arrive at the correct guess. 

This game also allows students to develop their conversation skills in a fun and engaging way. Students are able to learn about different adjectives through the game while providing their character descriptions. This in turn allows them to build up on their vocabulary. Guess who? provides a unique and creative way to work on players’ language skills.

3. Operation: Operation is a battery-operated board game that helps to develop students’ motor skills. The kids who play this game can also learn about human anatomy in a unique and interesting way. Players are required to “operate” on the patient’s different ailments which allow them to learn about the different organs and parts of the human body. 

As the game requires a high degree of hand-eye coordination, kids also learn how to focus and remain calm under high-stake situations, which can benefit them in future situations.

Kids enjoying a board game

4. Scrabble: Scrabble is a board game created in the 1930s and still remains a fun and effective spelling game. People of all ages can enjoy this game, while kids specifically can improve their vocabulary and spelling skills with points awarded based on the placement of the letter tiles on the board. 

This game provides kids with the opportunity to improve their thinking skills and create words with the limited letters available to them to earn the highest number of points. Nearly 90 years have passed since this game was created, but its uniqueness has allowed it to remain popular with all generations to this day.

Family playing scrabble

5. Galaxy Raiders: Galaxy Raiders is a game which helps students improve their numeracy skills and introduces STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) concepts. It helps them learn number operations, improve mental maths and application. In addition to this, it also helps them acquire essential life skills like problem solving, resource management and planning. This is one of the best games to introduce topics that are considered ‘tough’ to students in a fun manner.

Galaxy Raiders Game

These games allow students to learn in a fun and interesting manner, ensuring that they discover new and effective ways of learning. 

Do you have any suggestions apart from these games? Have you played any of these or recommend any others? Please let us know in the comments below!


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