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Games have become a big part of kids' lives in the 21st Century. Kids are looking for entertainment from sources other than shows and television. Games provide this entertainment while keeping kids engaged and focused. More and more games are being created that target kids of different ages. This makes it very difficult for parents to decide on which games are the most suitable and appropriate for their kids. Parents also want to ensure that the games their kids play also teach them things related to their academia. This is where Luma World can provide quality games.

Luma World specifically designs games and toys to engage kids. With an aim to add life to learning, games from Luma World have brought learning through play. The outstanding creative team has been able to make academics engaging and fun through games. Kids can learn different academic skills, life skills and values through the games that have been carefully crafted at Luma World. Here are a few games that keep kids engaged:

  • Alpha Steel: Ensure that your kids stay engaged and have fun, while learning through this game. It has different kinds of activities that allow your kids to learn about different topics from electric cars to mastering math operations, improve communication skills and creativity and understand the concept of physical strength versus mental strength. The aim of the game requires kids to use special powers and different math concepts to win which takes learning and skill development to a whole new level.
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  • Terra Loop: This all-in-one game comes with games, flash cards and books to help kids’ development process. Kids can learn and practice different math concepts, develop critical thinking and logical reasoning and understand the value of money through this game. Children can stay engaged while embarking on a new educational adventure with this game, learning and mastering different kinds of math operations and handling currency.

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  • Guess the Fence: Provide your kids with an opportunity to have an innovative learning experience through this game. Geometry, 2D and 3D shapes and patterns, spatial visualisation, strategic thinking and deduction can be learned in one of the most engaging and fun ways with this game. Important values like honesty, integrity and humility are also inculcated in the game which helps your kids in real life situations as well. Allow your kids to expand their creativity and imagination while using concepts in geometry to complete the game.

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  • Galaxy Raiders: Help your kids arrive at a whole new way of tackling arithmetic with this game. Learning different arithmetic concepts, improving critical thinking and problem solving, fast decision making and development of empathy and respect are all made easy and fun through this game. The aim of the game includes using mathematical thinking and accuracy to win. This ensures that your children learn in an engaging and exciting way, and take part in a new learning experience.

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  • Dino Quest: This is the perfect game to allow your kids to have a fun way to develop different kinds of academic skills like measurements, conversions and mastering mental math. Important life skills like critical thinking, resource management, motor skills and planning and strategy are developed and honed while playing this game. Kids remain interested in the game thanks to the colourful characters and the dinosaur theme that the game revolves around.

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Luma World ensures that your kids learn a plethora of skills while having non-stop fun. They can learn, stay away from screens, and learn important values like patience and honesty, and accepting failure all while playing the games created here. Children from all backgrounds and of all ages can play these games as they have been designed to fit the needs of kids everywhere. Several parents have also attested to how fun and engaging these games are for them and their kids. You can therefore be sure that these games will meet all your expectations, providing learning and fun all in one.

Parents looking for the perfect games for their kids can turn to Luma World. We have a wide variety of games that cover all kinds of educational topics in interesting and engaging ways. Kids can stay entertained, learn and have an enjoyable time all from one product.

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