10 Must-Have Good Habits for Your Kids

Parenting is not the same in the post COVID 19 world. Some basic rules have changed forever, including what constitutes good habits. Parents and children alike are fighting lockdown blues, despite partial return to what is being called the ‘new normal’. Managing small kids while working from home was already cumbersome; and now health protocols picked up during lockdown are being re-learnt. It’s confusing and challenging for everyone. Your child knew playing outdoors was a good habit for kids. In 2020 it was declared dangerous. In 2021, it’s recommended again, but with a lot of restrictions thrown in. So can you blame your kid for a temper tantrum? For that matter, you wouldn’t mind throwing one yourself. 

The question is, how to develop good habits in a child, and moreover what can even be termed a good habit in a post-pandemic world? We’ve put together a list of 10 of them to help you out. 

We have carefully researched and curated a list of 10 essential habits to inculcate in your child. We've used a combination of information available on the internet or in popular parenting books, combined with important aspects gained out of our own design and production experience. We have also spoken to academicians, health experts and counsellors to make our approach as holistic as possible. 

This list is for parents, but we recommend that you share it with your child.

1. ABC : Arise, Brush, Clean:

Teeth brushing is one of the good habit for kids-Kid doing brush-Luma World

Brushing our teeth twice daily continues to be a classic example of kids' good habits. We tend to wash our face and hands with this daily ritual, and that’s great for everyone’s health. It’s refreshing, and helps in blood circulation because your gums get massaged!

2. No screens before breakfast :

Ignore screen time before breakfast-Kids playing with phone-luma world

Most adults sleep with their mobile beside the pillow. Kids are imbibing this habit. Stop them from getting glued to the mobile immediately after exiting the bathroom.

Parenting is healthier when we talk to kids, instead of asking them to search for everything on the internet. It strengthens the bond and makes the process of growing up more memorable. Get them to prepare for the day by freshening up, exercising and having wholesome breakfast before they start hugging a smart device. 

3. Is it time for a digital detox?

Reducing screen time is good habit for kids- Luma World

The experts are saying “Yes”. Read our full article on reducing screen time and how to stick to a schedule. If you want to make a list of good habits for a school going  child, balanced daily screen time is imperative.

Let’s face it, digital devices are addictive. And that’s why it’s so easy to spoil our eyes, develop a stoop and negatively affect our motor functions through a digital overdose. Set a daily  “study time” and don’t let your kid face screens more than what may be required.

Get them to play board games and card games instead of using a mobile app or YouTube videos. Most of all, get them back to reading books. It’s a good, old tradition lost in the upcoming generation.

3. Soap it Up:

Good habits for kids-Kids washing hands-Luma World

The hand washing regimen – The 20 second hand washing rule is here to stay in the list of good habits of a child. Even if we all get successfully vaccinated, an active child will always have dirty hands, and washing them thoroughly will still be important.

4. Stand apart and touch me not!:

Kids using face mask- Luma World

Wearing masks when stepping out, avoiding crowded public transport or areas, not touching railings or door handles – continue to be kids good habits in the ‘new normal’. Look at the bright side, this is your chance to teach your kids the importance of standing in a queue, starting early from home to avoid the rush hour, and walking whenever possible.

5. Nature and Nurture :

The pandemic has taught us to respect and connect with nature again. Keeping a pet is a novel way to teach kids good habits. A pet makes me a child responsible, tolerant, respectful and loving. Taking the dog  out for a walk or watching the cat clean herself will create a strong bond for everyone in the family.

Home gardening is another good habit to develop in the early years. Whether it’s a rooftop garden or just a potted plant on the table, let your child discover the wonder of nature. 

6. Start a hobby :

Hobbies are never out of fashion. But why is this good habit of a child and not just a parenting tip? For most parents, hobbies might be a way to keep kids busy. But reading books, listening to music, cooking, carpentry – any of these – opens up the mind in a way academics can’t.

Kids have a natural knack for these activities, that’s why it’s called a ‘hobby’. That is why they will be willing to eat on time, finish homework, do their favourite activity and clear the room once done, carefully putting away things that gave them so much joy. Be careful not to mix it up with play or study hours. Math is study and kicking a football with friends is play but learning to play the violin or picking up a classical dance form is a hobby. 

7. Sustainability is the way forward :

We live in a world where the impact of our actions affect everyone around us. It is important to raise skilled children, but it is equally important to raise conscientious ones.

Teach them to recycle and reduce their carbon footprint. A simple move like turning the tap off while brushing, or switching off lights as they exit a room can go a long way. Most of all, tell them WHY. Explain the importance and need of doing these things, pointing out how it will benefit them. Tell them to tell their friends and to politely tell others when they see something wrong. Passing on good habits is actually a great habit.

8. Save for the future, but help the needy today :

Teach kids to save money but share wealth, it’s sustainable for everyone. The lockdown has brought the world economy to its knees. Teach your kids to save today, they will thank you tomorrow. We were taught saving money in a fun way as kids when we played Monopoly.  At Luma World, we take this a step further with our fun Maths games kits. Simple board games like Guess the Fence are tailored to teach kids about saving on animal and ecological resources too. 

9. Play the role model :

Why a tip for parents in a list for kids? Well, who can be a better hero than mom or dad? Are you following these good habits? Avoid binge watching television. Kids tend to mimic grown-ups, especially the ones they love and respect. So, if you work, play and watch web series on the laptop all day (and most of the night), you lose the right to scold your kids for doing the same. Put on the hero’s costume mentally, and be the person you want your child to be.

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