Family Time: 5 Indoor Games for Kids to enjoy

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As kids growing up in India in the 1980s and early 1990s, we had the advantage of being familiar with a number of indoor games for kids at home. Computers and the internet were not around; mobiles were yet to be ‘born’. This was an advantage because we honed our social skills by playing a variety of indoor games with friends living near us.

The strategy required while playing chess or the expertise while playing carrom, the mental Math needed when playing monopoly or the spatial ability while playing battleship not only sharpened our brain but also helped us create lifelong memories and strong social bonds.. 

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We keep complaining how kids today are glued to smart devices, especially since the lockdown. But if we are to take them away from the screens, we have to make considerable effort in providing an alternative that replicates the enjoyment without causing as much harm. Introducing the fascinating world of indoor games for your kids at home is the first parenting tip in this regard. 

Next tip:you need to teach your kids how to play, so wake up the child in you! Finally, add a twist to these indoor games to take the enjoyment to the next level. 

Here are 5 handy (and slightly crazy ideas) to spice up familiar indoor games for kids. Print this page or save it and go ahead and create your own family game schedule, and enjoy!

1. Get gorgeous with Ludo:

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Ludo is an evergreen favourite, it needs no introduction. Move your child away from playing ludo online or as a mobile app. If you can fit in half an hour of playing ludo on a board in your weekend schedule, you will find your child looking forward to it, and even beating you! It’s even better if you can give the game one whole hour. Schedule it, so that it becomes a family ritual, just like the special Sunday meals we have grown up with.

Parenting tip: if you have pre-teen kids, throw them an extra creative challenge. They have to dress up in team colors using their existing wardrobe. With teenagers, you can try playing it tournament style, where winning a series of games would decide the monthly winner. The winner would then be awarded with a treat : a movie, a favourite dish or a ‘holiday’ from errands for a day.

If you’re willing to go a bit further and even get your kids to learn and practice math while playing a game then look no further. We have a fun indoor game for kids that takes off on the basics of ludo, puts in a bit of Math, a load of imagination, and turns into an adventure for kids above 7 years.

Terra Loop Game- A Learning board game for kid-Indoor game -Luma World

Check out Terra Loop by Luma World, it could open up a fantasy world in your living room. 

2. UNO is cute:

UNO card game as a Indoor game for kids-Luma World

Uno is a classic card game popular around the world. The American company Mattel became a household name with it. They describe Uno as “easy to pick up and impossible to put down!” Get yourself a box of Uno and make logical thinking a matter of fun and games for your kids. But what if an indoor game had a touch of the outdoors to it? We were inspired by Uno to create Fracto. We designed each card with all the love kids deserve, including animals and colorful letters and shapes to make them cuter than ever. And then we thought up some tricks – learn them in this video – and teach your children.

Parenting tip: Playing Fracto is a great way for kids to learn fractions and also improve their memory!

3. Outdoor games come home : 

Outdoor games comes home-Indoor games for kids-Luma World

Are your kids missing their play time at school? Build them a playground environment at home by ‘inventing’ indoor versions of outdoor games. Hopscotch can be played on any flooring, and might be a good workout for parents! Indoors games for preschoolers include the delightful hide and seek. 

Parenting tip: make sure there are no dangerous hide-outs such as floor length windows or self-lock doors. Treasure hunt can be another active indoor game for kids. The daily dose of running and jumping that growing children need can be supplied by staircases, backyards, rooftops or running on the way to the nearest store (with a mask of course). Physical activities are also important for health since they help in growing an appetite, digesting food and getting a good night’s sleep.

Parenting tip: Try our game-based flashcards with the Magic Glass. Plan a treasure hunt by hiding cards around the house with clues to get to the next ones and a prize at the end.

Flashcards-Use in Indoor games for kids-Luma World

Kids can now play the role of a detective and can go around solving some math clues and having a lot of fun

4. An actor prepares: 

Dump Charades Game playing by kid-Luma World

Dumb charades can introduce you to the star hidden in your child. Dumb charades are not just hilarious, they push participants to try and figure out the best possible way to communicate a word or concept. It’s probably the most popular indoor game for families.

It also contributes indirectly to reducing screen time. Your kid will start hunting for books and prefer watching movies that have eclectic messages and of different genres as opposed to binge viewing any content on the web. Even if it means just to get an upper hand in the game, there could be benefits as long as the duration of screen time is controlled; that’s all what parents want, isn’t it? 

Parenting tip: These are competitive indoor games for kids. Reward them with a book or a movie with a good message, it will increase their curiosity and urge to learn more.

5. Chinese checkers simplified:

Chines checkers indoor game for kids-Luma world

Chinese Checkers don’t have checks and are not from China, but continues to be a beloved indoor game for kids all over the world. Strategic thinking is a life skill, and learning it with colorful pegs on the classic checkerboard was so much fun. Bring out your old Chinese Checkers, dust it, and share it with your children. We have a version of it as an introduction to logical thinking for 7 year olds. 

Guess the fence_Indoor game for kids-Luma World

Guess the Fence is a delightful, colorful board game, involving strategic thinking and patience. Like most board games, it also helps in developing motor skills. The rules are easy and the board is super attractive. 

Parenting tip: use this game to grow an interest about animals. It’s important for us to keep in touch with nature, even if we are indoors. 

Well, happy gaming everyone. Please send us videos of your family gaming session. The video should be within 30 seconds to 3 minutes, showing your family at home, playing an indoor game of your choice with your kids. We will declare the winner at the end of this month and gift you a special hamper! There are a lot of prizes to be won, so hurry!

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