Eco-Friendly alternatives to Plastic Items

We all want to do our bit for the environment but many of us would not know the impact of small but collective actions. For example, we don’t really know the impact of refusing a plastic bag every time we go out to buy groceries or probably the impact of refusing a straw whenever we buy a beverage. We saw during the pandemic that a small step of not using vehicles for commuting, when amplified to millions of people, led to clearer skies and  lesser pollution. Similarly, small behavioral changes when done in sync by millions of people, can bring about monumental changes vis-à-vis the environment. 

As a startup that is dedicated to the SDGs of the United Nations, we constantly try to come up with practical ways in which we can lessen or soften our impact on the environment. Here we have made an honest effort to suggest small behavioral changes that can make a BIG impact for the environment. We have also tried to quantify the impact so that people understand how the simplest act of refusing a plastic bag or a straw can have a big impact on the environment if done collectively. 

On this world environment day, let us check out some ways in which we can replace plastic items with healthier, eco-friendly alternatives. Let us make a conscious effort to be more mindful of the environment and have a more sustainable approach. Let us take care of ourselves, our future generations and our planet.

Infographic on Reducing Plastic Waste Through Behavioral Changes



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