• The Luma World Podcast (Ep. 2) | Changing the Education System from the Grassroots Level

    The Luma World Podcast (Ep. 2)

    In an exclusive chat with CasMarkets, the founders of Luma World discuss reform of education in India and the impact of the new National Education Policy. Listen to an insightful discussion about what changes are necessary from grassroots up and why 'learning through play' may be an easily implementable and highly rewarding medium of change.
  • The Luma World Vlog | Founder's Talk : Origin, Motive, Values and the Future

    The Luma World Vlog

    Watch as Luma World's founders discuss the 'what, why and how' of designing meaningful educational products for children. Learn about their journey thus far and what lies ahead in their quest to efficiently blend holistic education and play!
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