Xíng: A Token Placement Strategy Board Game

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Buy Xíng and introduce your child to the new wave of learning. Enjoy as your kids use maths concepts, factors, multiples and strategy to become the masters of their chosen element. See them improve their cognitive ability, decision making and problem solving skills right before your eyes!
₹ 799.00

Master the laws of nature by controlling the elements! Teleport into the astral dimension and choose to control Huô(fire), Shuî (water) or Tû (earth). Use your special powers to atomise or fuse your element and create the perfect sequence of five.

Xíng is a game of strategy and problem solving where players are the masters of a single element. They must use the language of the universe - Math - to tactically position their elements in a sequence to gain victory. They can also use their element powers to control the destiny of others by preventing their sequences from completing.

Spin, pick a card and solve the question to find your position(s) on the board. Place your element token using strategy and planning. Master basic concepts of factors and multiples and gain critical thinking skills in this epic battle of minds! 

The winner of the battle of elements restores balance to our chaotic universe!

Age: 9+ Years  |  Game Duration: 30 minutes  |  No. of Players: 2 to 4


  • 1 Astral Game Board
  • 1 Action Spinner
  • 40 Atomise cards 
  • 40 Fuse cards
  • 42 Element Tokens (14 each x Huô, Shuî, Tû)

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How to Play

Key Highlights:

  • Token Placement, Problem Solving + Strategy Board Game
  • Revise Factors, Multiples and Basic Maths Operations
  • Simple Gameplay with assistance for Understanding Concepts
  • Play and Learn with Family and Friends
  • Reduce Screen Time
  • 100% Made in India

    • Learning through Play - Use this Strategy based Board Game to revise factors, multiples, mental maths and improve critical thinking. It's a great tool to get kids to enjoy learning math and for the entire family to be part of their learning journey

    • Develop Multiple Skills - In addition to academic knowledge, kids acquire essential life skills like decision making, problem solving, focus, and pattern recognition. They also obtain moral values like patience, honesty and respect for opponents.

    • Popular at home or in school - Xíng is just as effective in the classroom to improve cognitive ability and peer learning as it is with the family to reduce screen time and improve social interactions.

    • Designed for Engagement - Easy to learn with a kid friendly rulebook and a game tutorial video. Help sheet included for understanding and solving maths concepts to improve knowledge and promote interactivity.

    • Intuitive, Inclusive and Replayable - The game has unlimited outcomes and difficulty control for an enhanced experience every time. It is ideal for all kinds of learners and intelligences.

    Academic Skills: 

    • Factors
    • Multiples
    • Operations with Numbers
    • Mental Maths

    Life Skills:

    • Decision Making
    • Strategy & Tactics
    • Spatial Recognition
    • Problem Solving
    • Creativity

    Moral Values: 

    • Patience
    • Respect
    • Accepting Luck & Failure

        Why Everyone Loves Luma

        This is a great maths game with some extremely cute characters. I like how they aso give a help sheet to learn factors and multiples and help solving on the board. It's very smart and great for parents, especially during the lockdown. Just go for it!

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        Megha Ramamurthy

        Mother of a 9 year old

        This is my 3rd Luma World game and I love the concept and the idea! It's such a change from online classes and worksheets. We now play games to do homework and study and then every weekend as play time also! It's been a lifesaver as schools are shut! Thanks to the entire team!

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        Farida Morani

        Mother of a 10 year old

        Initially I was not sure if learning can actually happen through playing games. We never had such products when we were young. Luma changed my perception and made me believe that it's important to try various mediums for my child to learn. Ranvir not only became faster in his calculations but also could accurately solve the sums mentally. I enjoyed playing the game too with my child. Ranvir never liked math before, but after trying the Luma box his interest totally changed. I'm really looking forward for new games and boxes for my kid.

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        Sunil D’souza

        Father of an 8 year old

        I really liked the Luma concept very much. Samir, my younger son and me played Guess the Fence game many times, and just did not want to stop. He learned about 2D shapes and its properties really quickly through the game, books and flashcards. My son loved the magic lens and it really made solving word problems on the flashcards really fun. As a whole, It’s a great way of learning.

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        Rajesh D’souza

        Father of an 8 year old
        Xíng: A Token Placement Strategy Board Game
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