Galaxy Raiders: A Strategy Board Game

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Buy Galaxy Raiders and introduce your child to the future of learning! It's the ideal STEM game to improve Numeracy Skills and Develop Multiple Intelligences!
₹ 899.00

Humans have entered the Space Age! As the Commander General of your space fleet, you are in charge of finding and capturing new planets and moons. But, you must use all your powers to defeat the other Galaxy Raiders. Ready? Time warp...activate! 

Galaxy Raiders is a game of planning, strategy and negotiation. Challenge your friends and family to see who will emerge victorious in this engaging battle of wits. 

Enjoy with them as they set forth on a galactic conquest to capture planets and moons using your mathematical prowess. For parents with young kids, it's the perfect way to introduce them to an entire learning multiverse. See them transform into problem-solving geniuses right before your eyes! 

A true interstellar skirmish, perfect for all ages!

Age: 9+ Years  |  Game Duration: 30 minutes  |  No. of Players: 2 to 4


  • 6 Unique Planet Boards
  • 1 Operation Dice 
  • 4 Player Console Mats 
  • 32 Player Pegs (Red/Blue/Green/Yellow) 
  • 100 Number + Power Cards 

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How to Play

Key Highlights

  • A Strategy Board Game to Learn Number Operations
  • All-round Skill Development
  • Improve Mental Maths and Application
  • Play and Learn with Family or Friends
  • Reduce Screen Time
  • 100% Made in India
  • Learning through Play - Use this Strategy based Board Game to Learn Operations with Numbers. It's a great tool to get kids to enjoy learning math and for the entire family to be part of their learning journey
  • Develop Multiple Skills - In addition to academic knowledge, kids acquire essential life skills like problem solving, resource management and planning. They also obtain moral values like patience and learning from failure.

  • Popular at home or in school - Galaxy Raiders is just as effective in the classroom to improve cognitive ability and peer learning as it is with the family to reduce screen time and improve social interactions.

  • Designed for Engagement - Easy to learn with a kid friendly rulebook and a game tutorial video. Outer space theme and choice of planets raise interest and promote interactivity.

  • Intuitive, Inclusive and Replayable - The game has unlimited outcomes for an enhanced experience every time. It is ideal for all kinds of learners and intelligences.

Academic Skills:

  • Operations with numbers
  • Mental Maths

Life Skills:

  • Problem Solving
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Long-term Planning
  • Resource Management

Moral Values: 

  • Learning from failure
  • Patience

Why Everyone Loves Luma

Luma-educational-games is a great initiative by Luma World to build mathematical concepts through healthy competition along with the by-product of values that are inculcated and developed in the young minds. I would personally recommend everyone to buy this, who wants their child's maths foundation to be strong by spending quality time with them and have an experience to cherish for life.

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Mother of an 8 year old

Luma-sets are such an attractive games for me, I can't imagine how fun it can get for children. So much collaboration and communication is involved!
The easy and quick math calculations help understand the next move immediately. Reverse calculation in math is not something that you usually come across in academics. And you won't find that while playing the other board games also. I think that was a very important and unique take away from the game. Also that’s what takes the game to another level! Very helpful and a quick tool for my child to do easy math.
I cannot wait for the next games by Luma World! They did a very good job by putting out a game that helps my child brush up her math in the best possible way! It was definitely a perfect gift for my child.

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Dinesh Sinha

Father of an 9 year old

As a parent of a special needs child, finding resources that engage him or even tend to his learning pace and choices is very tough. I also find it very tough to interact and provide remedy simply because I don't know where to begin or what is going wrong. The Luma box helps me work with him at every step of the way to ensure he understands maths and doesn't fear it. Apart from that I find that his communication and creativity are at a new high too. I highly recommend!

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Smita Sinha

Mother of a 10 year old
Galaxy Raiders: A Strategy Board Game
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